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Apps in 60 seconds
World's most impressive business card
What if your business card could call you? And have video and photos? What if you could beam it to everyone. And they beam it to their friends. What if your name and logo were a button on everyone's iPhone? Welcome to Warren Edser's Apps.
Apps in 60 seconds.

Get your app now! $399.00
Pre-Launch Special-. We have a Special feature being released and you can be on the ground floor with your very own app for your Business or personal. Included is your very own PC website, a Mobile site optimized for mobile devices,Tablets and pc/mac where you may advertise not only locally, but Nationally and Internationally- Worldwide in Real Time, 24x7, 365 days of the year, 7 days a week.
"Where can you get that kind of coverage?"

In many ways it's as versatile and nimble as we are because it works on iPhone, Android, Blackberry, even on Mac and PC and now iPhone 6. Check out a video what Warren Edsers mobile advertising app can do for your business. (See to your right; Chef)

International Languages
Use any language in your advertising in your app.
Try opening an email from a different part of the world and you'll know how proud we are that EVERY language works inside your app. No competitor offers that!

We'll gladly customize your app for your business or personal use, or if you want to handle the changes for yourself and you can do this anytime and anywhere and this Special feature allows you to edit your app on your pc or mac and instantly the updated details are made to your app on your mobile devices or tablet and pc/mac. No other app or advertiser can provide you this exclusive feature of where you are secretly in charge to make changes where-ever and when-ever you want: ONLY available with your present app and Not an alone feature. Ask for further details.

"What app and what advertiser can do all this?"

100 Design Templates
GPS Map Directions
Custom App Button
Interactive Photos
Speed Dial, Reservation
Video, Social, News
Custom Backgrounds
International Languages
Send App by SMS

"How you advertise does matter"

Warren Edser's Apps