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World's most impressive business card
What if your business card could call you? And have video and photos? What if you could beam it to everyone. And they beam it to their friends. What if your name and logo were a button on everyone's iPhone? Welcome to Warren Edser's Apps.
Use one of 100 Professionally designed art, animation for many industries templates or,
we'll gladly customize an app for your business or personal use.
"Advertise Today, for Today". No More waiting...

Subscribe now for Business, or Personal. This is Corporate cost $399.00
The purpose of advertising is to market and promote your business to:
create awareness
communicate information
educate your audience
enhance sales
create demand

Benefits of advertising:
you can be advertising any products or affiliate products and services to Mobile Phone users everywhere in the globe 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days of a year.

So why wait for tomorrow to advertise when you can it Today, at any time, and anywhere- Worldwide in one day.

International Languages:
Use any language in your advertising in your app.
Try opening an email from different parts of the world and you'll know how proud we are that EVERY language works inside your app. No competitor offers that!

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Our Special feature that allows you to edit your details and make changes, anytime and anywhere.

"What app and what advertiser can do all this?"

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100 Design Templates
GPS Map Directions
Custom App Button
Interactive Photos
Speed Dial, Reservation
Video, Social, News
Custom Backgrounds
International Languages
Send App by SMS

"don't wait for opportunity, create it"