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We put your name and logo on everyone's iPhone. Assisted by thousands of licensed developers who stay invisible until you need them. Welcome to Certified App Developers Guild.
Apps in 60 seconds. Made by you. Assisted by thousands of developers.

Get your app now! $999.00
Make your very own app for iPhone, iPad, and Android.
60 seconds is all it takes. Our app-DYI-wizard does it all for you. Just select a design, pick some features, and your app is available worldwide.

Live in 60 seconds
Your app will be live in 60 seconds! And you can keep perfecting it until you're happy. When you're done (or during the process) our certified app developers can work with you to make sure you're happy.

How does it work?
This brilliant automatic app creation tool was incepted as a joint effort to facilitate instant app creation while still providing custom guidance and supporting thousands of app developers who are eager help.

Why this is better
Most small businesses needed an app "now" and only later require the expertise of professionals. They don't want to wait for months and pay a fortune just to promote their business.
Certified App Developers Guild makes sure to connect consumers and developers in a way that couldn't be more efficient, worry-free, and economic.

Who is Appcertificate?
Appcertificate is a network of thousands of mobile app developers, all using the same software.
Each developer has his own website just like this one, from which he sells apps. He controls the features and pricing of his site directly from within his software.
Each developer is screened by appcertificate and is required to adhere to strict licensing guidelines.

Realtime help which you won't need
When you make your own app in 60 seconds on any of those sites the developer automatically receives a notification and the app you are making appears inside his software in real-time. This way he can instantly monitor your progress and assist you if you need help.

Because every developer runs the exact same software and has the exact same app-wizard on his site we can guarantee consistent communication, extremely rapid turnaround times, and unbeatable prices.

Supporting motivated developers
Payment processing is handled by Appcertificate to ensure the developer can concentrate on his core talent and isn't slowed down with clerical duties.
This tight integration and real-time exchange of data guarantees that any client with questions or concerns can directly contact Appcertificate who acts as an overseeing entity.

The developer receives the entire profit from the app making process minus the industry-standard 30% for banking fees and administration. The price you see is the price you pay for the automatically generated app.

The beginning of a great friendship
Appcertificate only handles the initial app making to allow you to build a direct relationship with your developer.

If later you wish to add special features and custom backgrounds etc. you can do that directly with your developer. This way he can build a trusting relationship with you and be your go-to-guy in all things app without having to spend time and commission on Appcertificate.

100 Design Templates
GPS Map Directions
Custom App Button
Interactive Photos
Speed Dial, Reservation
Video, Social, News
Custom Backgrounds
International Languages
Send App by SMS

Certified App Developers Guild