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What if your business card could call you? And have video and photos? What if you could beam it to everyone. And they beam it to their friends. What if your name and logo were a button on everyone's iPhone? Welcome to MY APP
Apps in 60 seconds.

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Make your very own app for iPhone, iPad, and Android. 60 seconds is all it takes. Our app-DYI-wizard does it all for you. Just select a design, pick some features, and your app is available worldwide.

Your own app - ready and live in an instant
No experience necessary. It's extremely easy, fun, and rewarding. All it takes is a few minutes of your time. Your app is ready to be deployed as soon as you're done.

Live in 60 seconds
Your app will be live in 60 seconds! And you can keep perfecting it until you're happy. When you're done (or during the process) our customer service can work with you to make sure you're happy

1) Put your app on Facebook
Just enter your personal app-link into your "Wall Post" and we'll do the rest, go on - try. We'll magically put a cool download button into your Facebook post! It's fully automatic.

2) Tweet about your app:
Download our new iPhone app: Now you're only a tap away from calling us, reading news, see the latest pix & specials.

3) Text (SMS) your app:
If your customers have smartphones just text them your personal app-link It works on iPhones, Androids, Blackberries etc.
Texting is FREE! We pay for sending this text message so go ahead and use it! You can text by opening your app, going to "share", entering your customer's cell number. And that's what your customers can do too. They can text your app to THEIR friends!

4) Put your app on your web site and blog:
Just copy-paste this code to anywhere on your website and we'll instantly put a super cool button on your site that people can click onto to download your app:

Here is some of MY APP features,

* 100 Design Templates
* Your own app - ready and live in an instant
* Custom Home screen button

* GPS Directions - Interactive Map
* Photo Gallery
* Speed Dial Button
* Send app by SMS (texting), email, social networks

* YouTube or Live Audio- Video Stream
* Custom Backgrounds - Your app, your art!
* Automatic News 24/7 - Let CNN work for you!
* Animated Logo, Title
* Menu Choices

* Facebook- and Twitter Integration
* International Languages
* Update and edit apps - Remote control everyone's
* Upload your app to Facebook, Twitter, Web
* Feature Page - Blank Slate for creativity
* And more,...

Best Price and Value. MAKE apps - Don't rent them!

Don't be fooled by online app making services that charge monthly fees. They don't provide instant app generation, they're way more expensive and they won't let you change the content or design of your app.

Why you need to get an app.
It turned out that most small businesses needed an app "now" and only later required the expertise of professionals. They don't want to wait for months and pay a fortune just to promote their business.
MY APP made sure to connect consumers in a way that couldn't be more efficient, worry-free, and economic

With MY APP you can injoy 100 Design Templates
Professionally designed art, animation for many industries make you look great at no effort. Just fill in your details and you're done! Or use your own pix

We'll gladly customize your app even further but we know that you'll love your 60 second app! MY APP If later you wish to add special features and custom backgrounds etc. you can do that directly with Us simply Email us all the changes you would like to add or change and we will do it for you with no extra charges

For more information please contact Us and we will be gladly to answer your questions.

USA/Canda : 1(848)248-9146
Outside USA : +1(848)-248-9146

100 Design Templates
GPS Map Directions
Custom App Button
Interactive Photos
Speed Dial, Reservation
Video, Social, News
Custom Backgrounds
International Languages
Send App by SMS

(732) 249-2006