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What if your business card could call you? And have video and photos? What if you could beam it to everyone. And they beam it to their friends. What if your name and logo were a button on everyone's iPhone? Welcome to "Your Own App".

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Make your very own app for iPhone, iPad, and Android. You will choose the basic look of the app and then our designers will help you to produce the content that is exactly right for your business.

Giving away your business card has been the mainstay of marketing yourself for many years.

Maybe now is the time to bring yourself up to date with your very own application or "App" just like the ones you can buy on iTunes' App Store. The big difference is that these are free to your customers and contacts.

Think about this for a moment. The web is a big place. Would you research Google everytime you wanted a takeaway (or worse are you always rummaging around in your kitchen drawer for the leaflet?) Would you look in The Yellow Pages for details of the local taxi firm OR would you go direct to your iPhone/Smartphone? One tap away from your business.

You can now have your very own modern business card in the form of an "App" similar to this one.  You can then send the app to your clients and customers so that they have your information to hand.  It even acts as a speed dial in their iPhone.  The app works best on iPhone but also creates a mini web page for other smartphones.

In many ways an "App" is better than a website because it needs no internet connection, it is always there when they have their phone with them. It is instant branding and tempting everytime they switch on their phone.

If you feel that an "App" is just right for your business then email or simply start the process within the site. (It is always worth emailing us as we often have fabulous special offers).

For a modest fee we also offer an update service so that you can keep your app current and exciting. We can then send this update as a "push" notification to everyone who has your app. (The update service is offered as a standing order subscription or for a one off payment - the choice is yours with details on request).

Imagine a potential customer contacts you and asks for details of your service and you can immediately send them that information as an app direct to their mobile phone. Think how you could confirm every booking you get via text message which can then include your app details. Imagine sending details of special offers to encourage customers in your quiet times. This is the power of an app.

The way you use your app is limitless and shows you to be a modern forward thinking business that cares about their customers.


We hope to hear from you soon.

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